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 2024 Vision
Become a leading and internationally reputable Accounting educational institution producing competent, and globally competitive graduates with high integrity.




In order to reach 2024 vision, PSA (Accounting Study Program) has 5 (five) mission, namely:

1. To conduct an internationally accredited and reputable accounting education programme, 
2. To encourage the development and comprehensive implementation of an accountant code of conduct that places integrity and independence as its core values, 
3. To undertake research to develop  accounting knowledge and practices and disseminate research output through publication, 
4. To develop innovative accounting practices and encourage the implementation of  good governance principles both in private and public sectors, 
5. To enhance collaboration with various organizations in implementing Indonesia's higher education’s Tridharma core principles while  facing an era of globalization  in accounting education and the profession.



1. To produce graduates who have accounting competency and capability as well as the ability to compete globally, 
2. To produce independent, honest, ethical, and committed graduates, 
3. To produce quality accounting research for private and public sectors, 
4. To conduct community services in accounting to help organizations and societies problem solve, 
5. To build mutually beneficial cooperation with industries, professional organizations, government, and international institutions

Kontak Jurusan Akuntansi

Sekretariat Jurusan Akuntansi : 

Iffa Sulastri A.Md & Fatwa Arief S.E 

Gd. Fakultas Ekonomi
Limau Manis 25163
Universitas Andalas

Phone: (0751) 71089 pes.378
Fax: (0751) 71088


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